Covid-19 Practices

Covid-19 Practices

Please know that while Outward Bound California (OBCA) is making every effort to implement protocols that minimize the risk of transmission, we cannot guarantee that COVID-19 will not be present on course. Below is a list of the changes OBCA has made to reduce the risk. As different types of programs resume (i.e. expedition or one-day format), we will update protocols for each program type. Please reach out to your Course Advisor or Program Manager if you have additional questions.

Prior to Course Start

  • Participants (and parents of minor students) will sign a COVID-19 Statement Of Understanding.
  • Participants should follow strict physical distancing from everyone not in their household for 14 days prior to course.
  • Participants must arrive and depart via personal vehicle, no commercial transportation such as airlines, trains, or buses is allowed at this time.
  • Written documentation of a COVID-19 test with a negative result is required prior to course arrival (please see COVID-19 Statement of Understanding for specific testing details).
  • 72 hours prior to course, participants are to be COVID-19 symptom-free.

Course Start

  • Participants will be screened upon arrival, including taking temperature. If any signs or symptoms of illness exist, or OBCA has not received proof of a negative COVID-19 test result, participants will not be allowed to start the course.

During Course

  • Participants will wear approved facial coverings and non-latex gloves when requested to do so.
  • Enhanced personal hygiene will be practiced on every course.
  • Increased cleaning and sanitization of gear and cooking equipment.
  • Instructors will conduct daily health checks including taking temperature. (Expedition only) Anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 will be taken off course to be evaluated and tested.
  • Sleeping arrangements will be configured to allow for social distancing. (Expedition only)
  • Reduced dependency on external vendors such as charter buses, horse pack resupplies, service project facilitators, use of public campgrounds, etc.

Our Staff & Instructors

  • Staff will have followed strict physical distancing from everyone not in their household or workplace for 14 days prior to the course.
  • All OBCA employees at the Midpines basecamp will be tested for COVID-19 and cleared to work.
  • Symptom checks, including taking temperatures, will be conducted on a regular basis.

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