Course Culture & Behavioral Standards
Open Enrollment Programming

Part A – Overview and Introduction

Our students comprise many different identities and lived experiences – OBCA’s aim is to create an inclusive culture that is physically and emotionally safe for all students.  This may require you to operate under different norms/structure than is usual for you in order to ensure a positive environment and experience for all students.  We therefore ask students to abide by the behavioral standards outlined below.

Part B: Specific Behavioral Standards

Drug / Alcohol Use

Possession or use of the following items is prohibited on course:

  • Illegal drugs, including both medical & recreational marijuana and CBD products
  • Non-directed use of Rx drugs (sharing, over use, etc.)
  • Alcohol & Tobacco products (including vaping products)
  • Changing your prescription routine without notifying instructors

Harassment of any kind is prohibited, including the following:

  • Sexual Harassment –  unwelcome sexual or physical contact, sexual advances, sexual gestures, sexual comments, sexualized compliments, pressure for sexual activity, threats, offensive jokes, ridicule, slurs, derogatory actions or remarks, etc.
  • Verbal Harassment – behavior that attacks, disturbs, or torments others. It can take the form of slurs, comments, jokes, innuendoes, pictures, cartoons, pranks, or any other conduct which creates a real or perceived intimidating, hostile, or offensive environment (e.g. swearing, verbal threats, bullying, intimidation, scapegoating etc.)
  • Discrimination / prejudice, based on:

Race/ Ethnicity

National Origin

Citizenship Status 


Sexual Orientation  

Political Affiliation

Gender/Gender Identity  



  • Abuse/physical aggression - unwanted contact that is associated with aggression or violence in any way, including any violence or assaultive behavior, threatening, physical aggression or intimidating posturing.


Romantic/Sexual Relationships

Your OB experience on course comes, in part, from the shared experiences and relationships you develop with other students.  Romantic and sexual encounters diminish and potentially damage that experience for all.  As such, the following will not be allowed on course:

  • Exclusive relationships 
  • Romantic or sexual behavior – wanted or unwanted
  • Sexual activity, kissing, romantic pursuits during course


Safety Expectations

Your and the other students’ well-being depends on everyone’s adherence to OBCA’s safety expectations. Students must understand and follow safety instructions.  This includes:

  • Following all OBCA staff’s safety directions
  • Maintaining adequate self care (including proper hydration, nutrition, medication adherence, etc)
  • Respecting property (OBCA’s, public, or private).  OBCA prohibits vandalism, defacement or graffiti and misuse of personal and group gear.


Part C: Consequences of non-adherence to OBCA behavioral standards

If you are in breach of any of our behavioral standards, at OBCA’s discretion, we may remove you from the course.

  • Illegal behavior will generally lead to immediate removal from the course and, if appropriate, notification of proper authorities.
  • Other violations of these standards can result in various remedial consequences at OBCA’s discretion, including any combination of the following: verbal warning, written warning, notification of parents/guardian or removal from the course.

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